Entry: Life on Mars? Tuesday, April 10, 2007

It is not an impulsive change, like I woke up a different, or suddenly felt magnificent and lapped the morning dew.

No no no.
It has taken forever.

It is more subtle than that; but there is a bound and a spring in my pace today. Perhaps it's all those Easter bunnies, maybe it's just all chocolate.  Life has literally begun: I have a new second cousin, she will have a name, and I will spoil her rotten. Perhaps it's because I sort of get it: I have the world on a stick and string, one little salsa step away, and I have a new and unusual friend who has put up with a surprising amount of hot air these last few months, but I do love her to bits, and that has been well said. Enough.

I left everything behind looking for new beginnings, but found a world so alien, so unrecognisable from my own that I truly staggered for a little, all that ebb and flow, so much to learn from the unpitying curve; and today it is not over, today is not born again, a monument to the new, for that is for fools and fiction. It is just another day, but it is a day where all the oddities, all this off-world landscape begins to look more like a place I know, it is the start of what was, in a place that was not, it is a good day, maybe the very best of days.

And I am home.

There is Life on Mars after all,
Who would ever, ever have thought that?



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