Entry: echobelly Wednesday, April 11, 2007

-----------------------------------------------------------------------  It feels like time to close up here.

This blog has really been just one long letter,
and yesterday it felt like the right time to let it go.

This has been an odd story, but it has been one I am so very glad to have been a part of, it's been fun, emotional, and in truth, a life saver; but it's time for a little break, a wee trip, and then, I hope, something new.

Something anyway..

..and much love,




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April 22, 2007   01:30 AM PDT
I know you're not here but I still want to comment.

Kind of like... old times. heh.

Hope you're doing lovely.
April 21, 2007   11:02 PM PDT
me too, but by accident. and yours was better than mine....:P
as long as you keep writing your beautiful things somewhere things will be alright, really.
or something similarly profound.
take care, David...smiles
April 19, 2007   08:06 AM PDT
Thank you for letting us look inside. It's been an honor and I wish you well.
April 13, 2007   12:26 AM PDT
I don't like the Dear John letters so much but I understand.

Go and be well, dear Echo.

Hit me up from time to time. I'll miss you.
April 12, 2007   03:39 PM PDT
I am SO. sad. :( I don't even know what to say, I'm that dissapointed. Awh!!
April 12, 2007   05:52 AM PDT
...and in every end their is a new begining.
Well said, well written, and like your mind...well done!!
April 11, 2007   12:18 PM PDT
au revoir, and in every ending may there be a new beginning.
Former Blogger
April 11, 2007   10:37 AM PDT
I discovered your blog no more than a week ago and have been inspired by it. I'm sad I've found it too late, but happy that I found it at all. As a former blogger myself, I understand why sometimes a break is needed :) good luck

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